Twitter as therapeutic agent

Below is an interview about how twitter helped me heal and transform when I was struggling with a grave and serous long-term chronic illness. I often refer to that time of my life as a dark night of the soul. See: Monica’s story: the aftermath of polypsychopharmacology and Dark Night of the Soul posts During the period of time I’m discussing… Continue Reading →

The Pig of Happiness

As you well know if you spend any time on Beyond Meds at all, it’s important to address and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion including that which is dark and difficult. That said, there is no reason to deny or push away the happy! . … [click on title to read the rest]

Navigation of the archives: organizing the close to 5,000 posts on Beyond Meds

I did a post on coping methods for withdrawal syndrome in December. Traffic goes way down during the holiday months so I though I’d highlight it here again as I make it available in the archive system I’ve set up. While I’m at it I’ll list the whole navigation system. For easy reference it’s always listed on the sidebar to the right here on the blog. I continue to work on presenting the archives in some sort of reasonable fashion for easy access. There are close to 3,000 posts on the blog now many of which remain topical. It’s an ongoing job.

Learn yoga at home

Remember to modify any position you need to modify or skip it all together if it’s too painful or if you’re simply not ready for it. I rarely, if ever, do anything just like the teacher does it. The point is not be be just like the teacher. The teacher is a fit and healthy person. If you are sick or in pain like I am it’s absolutely necessary to listen to our bodies and only do what we can.

Alternatives to psychiatry: a resource

All diagnosis can potentially respond to natural treatments. It’s possible for anyone to consider life without medication. This blog is a contemplation about healing ourselves through means other than medication whether you’re on medications or not. And I might add whether you choose to stay on them or not.

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