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NONDUALITY TALK: 2014 Part 1 and 2 

For a track by track breakdown in text visit Nonduality.Org

History in the system and my vision for mental health on Nonduality Talk — Beyond Meds

Jerry Katz says: We talk about the possibility of living without psychiatric medications, the implications, and Monica’s personal story of withdrawal from meds.

Playlist with part 1 and 2:

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Food sensitivities and the psyche: Shades of Awakening Interview

Food sensitivities are more and more common and unfortunately, too often they’re considered eating disorders. Lots of folks who come off psych drugs develop them too.  It’s important that they be deeply understood by anyone treating folks coming off medications.

Here is the  link:
Listen to the Full Interview HERE — (you may have to scroll down the page as more interviews are done by the Shades and Awakening site)

The replay will continue to be available for free on the website, so pass it along!

Monica Cassani ( on Food Sensitivities and the Psyche

  • The relationship between food and the psyche
  • How healing and detoxing with whole foods can actually unearth past memories and emotions
  • Why informing yourself with science AND your own inner knowing is key to finding out what works for you
  • What your gut health has to do with your emotional and mental health




Listen to the program here: WELLNESS JOURNEY LIVE 

This is a lovely opportunity to speak to a different audience than the blog routinely reaches. And women over 40 are one of the most often targeted groups for antidepressants…so this is info they need.

Also as a wellness channel these are people concerned with health and well-being many of whom have struggled with health…and since psych drugs are routinely prescribed to folks with chronic health issues in general, again, this is a great opportunity to help people understand the risks as well as to become aware of alternatives.




Will Hall interviewed me for Madness Radio in early December 2008. The audio file is now available on the Madness Radio website.


This interview takes place while I am still withdrawing and becoming progressively disabled. I stopped being able to talk not long after this interview for a couple of years.



And an interview on youtube about twitter: 2014






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